Indian Spicy Food – Egg Bhurji – Cooking In India Street Food – Egg Bhurji Indian Recipe

Indian Spicy Food Cooking In Street Food Egg Bhurji Indian Recipe Indian cuisine encompasses a wide variety of regional cuisines native to India. Given the range of diversity in soil type,…

Portuguese Mazagran Coffee

Lemonade may not be the first beverage to spring to mind when you think of Organo Gold, or coffee for that matter. But today we’re again taking our OG passport around the world, and this time arriving in Portugal, where a coffee drink known as “Mazagran” is a local specialty. A combination of black coffee, lemon and sugar, the Mazagran is a refreshing beverage that is particularly popular in the hot summer months

Mazagran is a long cold coffee beverage served in a tall glass. It is often made with strong coffee — usually espresso — lemon and ice, and sometimes sugar or simple syrup is added to take the tart edge off the lemony flavor. A fast version of the drink can be whipped up simply by pouring a previously sweetened espresso in a cup with ice cubes and a slice of lemon.

Check out this YouTube video for a quick tutorial on how to mix up your own “Mazagran” — just use your favorite OG blackcoffee,

See more in This Link About the Product Gourmet Black Coffee.



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